We are an ethical business; this means that in every aspect of our business we strive to have a positive impact. As a limited company we have to make a profit to continue to trade. However, this is not the only business driver. Whenever possible we will seek opportunities to;

Environmental Responsibility

We aim to Recycle, reuse and reduce products resulting from operation – to lessen any negative impact, such as those associated with the use of plastics; we only Vegware packaging, made from corn-starch and recycled paper, which bio-degrades in 10-12 weeks. We are a Refill Water Station. So you can always get a free drink of water or refill your reusable bottle here.  Many of our shop fittings are made from recycled material or vintage items sourced locally.

Economic Regeneration

We are proud of Colne and wish to see it continue to grow and thrive. We continue to seek opportunities to aid the regeneration of our town by promoting Colne as a great place to live and work.


The cumulative impact that a community can have must not be underestimated. This is how we recycle money back into our community:

  1. Use local high street businesses – as this keeps money in our local economy.
  2. Use micro small and family business – as they are more likely to live locally and spend locally
  3. Use local suppliers and producers – to keep more money in the local economy

Responsible Sourcing

All of our suppliers have to demonstrate the relationship with the grower before we will stock their products. For example, we only use coffee sourced through direct relationships with farmers.


We support Colne based charities and good causes who work with our community. Particularly those who provide opportunities for children and young people.