About Our company

We live and work in Colne and are proud to do this. Our connection to Colne extends over more than thirty years. Our company is a family business and as such we can have a different approach to business, one that is focussed on people and the difference we can make in every aspect of our business. All of our employees and customers are part of this family.


About Coffee supports cycling as a sport, for recreation and for transport. This is because cycling has so many proven positive impacts economically and on health and wellbeing of many communities. We are proud to support Colne Grand Prix which has been the Grand Final of British Cycling National Circuit Series. We are a cycle friendly business and Cyclists are always welcome.

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We are pleased to stock Coffee and Tea from Atkinsons of Lancaster. If you are looking for high quality tea or coffee, it’s hard to find better than Atkinsons.
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